Welcome Out of State Huskies!

We are so happy you've decided to join us at UConn Nation. On this site we've collected all the information you need to know about coming to Connecticut (no matter where you're traveling from). Students from all over the country and the world attend UConn, and for most of them it becomes their home away from home. Now that you're a Husky too, this website will provide some helpful information about Connecticut and the University that will help make UConn your home away from home too.

Meet some of our current out-of-state students:

 Frank Amaefuna

Class of 2018

New Jersey

I was attracted to UConn by not only the opportunity to go outside my comfort zone but what felt like the chance for endless opportunities. I came for my first tour and I felt the home feeling that I had ached for from a college.

The support network and second family I've created while I've been here has made my stay at UConn an experience I wsh I could relive again and again.

Maddie Petrush

Class of 2020


UConn is my home away from home because there are always so many things to do on campus.

I sometimes forget how much I miss home because I'm having so much fun getting involved here! I'm part of two organizations on campus that have brought me my best friends who are always there to support me or cheer me up when I need it.

Andrew Nduati

Class of 2019

New Jersey

The experiences I've had and the level of academic and personal growth is what really makes UConn my home away from home. There are so many ways to challenge yourself here at UConn and the amount of support you can get from the community here is truly amazing. When you're surrounded by a community of caring and helpful members, it's hard to not feel at home.